Document problems at CT Home Affairs

WC Dept. of Home Affairs admits to problems with processing documentation.

The Home Affairs Department. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Home Affairs Department admitted on Wednesday that there are still problems in processing some documents.

Several frustrated people have told Eyewitness News they have been waiting for months to get any response about unabridged marriage and birth certificates.

Eyewitness News also alerted Chief Director Yusuf Simons that there are online agencies offering their services and charging inflated fees to get these same documents at home affairs.

Simons has since alerted his counter corruption unit to investigate whether the agencies are legitimate.

He said members of the public can phone him personally if they are battling to get documents at any Home Affairs office.

"We've improved a lot as Home Affairs and are still in the improvement phase. We might still have problems with offices in the Western Cape. I am willing to share my cellphone number as well so that if clients have a problem, they can call me personally."

The general query line number for the Western Cape Department of Home Affairs is 083 947 2679.

Yusuf Simons - 082 809 2142.