UN probes HIV testing kits

Unicef and WHO experts are in South Africa to investigate unapproved HIV testing kits.

FILE PICTURE: SD Bioline HIV Testing Kit. Picture: Standard Diagnostics, Inc.

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of Health on Wednesday launched a high level investigation with international experts to look at all the department's products, especially HIV testing kits and condoms

This follows an Eyewitness News investigation that revealed the HIV testing kits used by government had not received approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On Monday, it came to light more HIV testing kits, from a company called Abon, also had no WHO approval.

The Health Department said experts from the WHO and Unicef are in South Africa to look at the products distributed by the department.

They broadened their investigation to also deal with complaints about condoms and testing kits for other illnesses, like diabetes.

Health Director General Precious Matsoso said, "All concerns raised will be investigations and dealt with decisively."

The group of experts is expected to report back by the end of next week.