Abon HIV testing kits not approved by WHO

EWN has learnt that the tender for HIV testing kits has not been approved by the WHO.

FILE PICTURE: SD Bioline HIV Testing Kit. Picture: Standard Diagnostics, Inc.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News can reveal on Tuesday that the second part of the controversial tender for HIV testing kits was found to supply kits that do not have the approval of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

HIV testing kits called Abon were distributed to hospitals, but were still being tested by the WHO.

In July, it came to light that the SD Bioline HIV testing kits used in hospitals and clinics were blacklisted by the global health body.

The tender for the 4.5 million testing kits is now being investigated.

But now Eyewitness News can reveal the rest of the crop, consisting of 18.5 million HIV testing kits, were not approved by the WHO.

The kits, made by a Chinese company called Abon, are still in the testing phase.

The health organisation told Eyewitness News the product did not carry their blessing.

"This product is not eligible for procurement nor is it qualified," the company said.

Testing on Abon will only be completed in 2013.