SA dental decides against legal action

The Health Profession Council has decided not to publish its pricing guidelines.

A dentist examines a child. Picture: Irin News.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Dental Association said it will withdraw its planned legal action against the Health Professions Council of South Africa, after the council announced on Wednesday it would not publish its proposed price guidelines in the government gazette on Thursday.

The publication of the guidelines for doctors and dentists would have given them legal status.

The association's chair Dr Mark Sonderup said they were relieved the guidelines have been withdrawn for now.

"What was put on the table a week ago was simply not sustainable and simply a recipe for disaster."

While the SA Dental Association's CEO Maretha Smit said they will not go to court.

"We believe we have very constructive basis for debate and for going forward."

These organisations will now present their case at a full council meeting in September.