Section 27 slams Limpopo catch-up plan

The rights group said the Limpopo catch-up plan does not comply with a court order.

Learners in an examination room

JOHANNESBURG - Rights group Section 27 on Tuesday said it was disappointed that Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Basic Education accepted a catch-up plan for Limpopo pupils.

Last week, the Basic Education Department was left red-faced after its catch-up plan was described as an insult to pupils.

The department and several senior officials have come under fire after the department failed to deliver textbooks to Limpopo students more than six months into the academic year.

Earlier on Monday, the department returned to Parliament where its new plan was accepted.

But Section 27 lawyer Nikki Stein said the catch-up plan fails to meet requirements set out in a court order.

"If there is no compliance with the court order, then we are allowed to go back to court. It looks very likely that we will be approaching the court again."

Several investigations are underway into whether anyone can be held responsible for the textbook crisis.