Cold case bones sent to Bosnia for testing

The Betty Ketani murder trial was postponed to October at the request of prosecutors.

Forensic experts excavate Betty Ketani's grave. Picture: Alex Eliseev/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Prosecutors in the Betty Ketani murder trial said bone fragments have been sent to Bosnia for forensic testing.

This was revealed when six suspects appeared for murder in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Monday.

The matter was postponed to October.

The men were arrested in May after a confession letter was found beneath a carpet at a house in Kenilworth, south of Johannesburg.

The letter was found when the landlord was renovating the property.

The confession, which was signed by one of the accused, informed police of where to find visual and oral evidence in connection to Ketani's murder.

The mother-of-three disappeared in 1999 and the case went cold until the discovery of the letter, which also contained details about the abduction of two other people.

In yet another twist, it appears fragments of bones were discovered during the excavation of Ketani's shallow grave.

Late in June, police returned to the site in the hope of finding forensic evidence.

It is believed Ketani was buried in concrete at the same house where the letter surfaced, but her body was later moved and dumped elsewhere.

Earlier on Monday, the state was forced to explain the latest discovery.

This after the magistrate asked prosecutors why they were seeking such a lengthy postponement.

The state said it will take no less than a month for DNA evidence to analysed.