Man killed in alleged religous attack

A man was killed following a fight allegedly sparked by anti-Islamic comments.

An ID photo of Mohammed Fayaz Kazi. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - A Ventersdorp man on Wednesday described how his friend was killed following a fight allegedly sparked by religious comments.

The incident took place at a fast food outlet in Magaliesburg on Monday.

Anser Mahmood said he and his friend Mohammed Fayaz Kazi got into an argument with two men who were making anti-Islamic comments about them.

Kazi was dressed in Islamic attire and had a beard.

Mahmood, who was waiting outside the store for his friend, said the men began verbally abusing him after staff at the store kicked all the men out.

"They started swearing at me in Afrikaans. One of the men slapped me and the fight ensued. They called me 'Bin Laden', ''Coolie' and other derogatory terms."

Kazi (33) suffered brain damage during the assault and died in hospital yesterday.

North West police have confirmed that they were investigating a case of murder.