'Job seekers grant will entrench unemployment'

The DA says the ANC’s proposed job-seekers grant will further entrench unemployment.

DA leader Helen Zille. Picture: Niki McQueen

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Monday warned that the so-called job seekers grant as proposed by the African National Congress (ANC) would only further entrench unemployment.

The grant was discussed by the ruling party at its policy conference in June.

This is seen as a substitute to the youth wage subsidy, which the ANC's alliance partner Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is opposed to.

The DA's Wilmot James said they are proposing a three-pronged youth job plan.

"Central to our plan is a provisional opportunity voucher scheme which will provide funding for young adults who would like to start their own businesses or further their education and skills development."

DA leader, Helen Zille added that the initiative is also based on a supply and demand model.

"The supply is getting people with the right skills into economy and the demand is ensuring that the economy grows in the right way and that people can be absorbed productively."