SA spirit alive in London

A cocktail party at London’s Ekhaya Hospitality Centre celebrated SA’s medal success.

South Africans cheering on Team SA ahead of the 21 London Olympics.

LONDON - The South African spirit is alive and well in London as more athletes compete in the 2012 Olympics.

The Department of Sports and Recreation on Monday hosted a cocktail party at the Ekhaya Hospitality Centre, celebrating the country's medal success so far at the Games.

Ekhaya was set up by the department to help make South Africans feel welcomed in London.

The centre is splashed in colour and filled with giant posters of current South African Olympians.

It is seen as a home away from home for those travelling to the English capital.

National artwork is on display as well as exhibitions of traditional dancing.

Local beers and biltong can even be purchased from the venue, which overlooks the River Thames.

South African Olympians have won three gold medals and one silver.

Swimmer Cameron van der Burgh won a gold medal in the 100m breaststroke, while Chad Le Clos claimed victory in the 200m butterfly and a silver medal for the 100m butterfly.

Last week, the South African rowing team also bagged gold.