Derby-Lewis to apply for medical parole

Right winger Clive Derby-Lewis will apply for medical parole in the next few weeks.

Right winger Clive Derby-Lewis. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Clive Derby-Lewis will be applying for medical parole in the next few weeks, his wife confirmed on Sunday.

The right-winger who has been ill for some time is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the assassination of former South African Communist Party (SACP) leader, Chris Hani.

It is the first time Derby-Lewis will apply for medical parole after being refused normal parole last year.

He is, according to his lawyer, "chronically ill" and previously suffered from prostate and skin cancer as well as gangrene in his right leg.

The refusal of his parole last year is still being challenged in court.

Disgraced former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi and President Jacob Zuma's former financial advisor Schabir Shaik both received medical parole.

Selebi is suffering from end-stage renal disease and needs dialysis three times a day, where as Shaik was said to be suffering from a "terminal illness" upon his release.

Derby-Lewis' wife Gaye said she and her family would apply as well.

"We never applied because the previous minister stated publicly that she wouldn't give him any parole, but now that there's a new minister, we will be applying for parole".

A new system for medical parole was established after the outcry over Shaik's release, which appears to have been followed by a miraculous recovery.