'Olympic officials spend £45,000 on lunch’

It is claimed 15 London Olympic Games officials spent R500, 000 on a business lunch.

London Olympics Logo.

LONDON - Claims emerged on Sunday that 15 London Olympic Games officials spent nearly £45,000 (about R500, 000) on a business lunch.

A photo circulating online claims to show the receipt from the meal in London - which included a bottle of 1853 cognac, costing almost half the total bill, and a service charge of R55,000.

A photograph of the receipt was posted on a social media site by a user who claims to know a worker at the unnamed restaurant.

Authorities have since launched an investigation to determine whether the receipt was from a meal by Olympic Games officials and who those officials were.

It is believed the receipt was from the China Tang restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel, where the cocktail menu offers a 350 millilitre bottle of Hennessy 1853 cognac for £19,000 - the price matched on the receipt.

Neither the restaurant nor the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) would comment on the report.

The spending of R500, 000 on a lunch for officials will be toxic publicity.

If it were Games officials, the United Kingdom taxpayer would ultimately pick up the bill.