Blade Runner to make Olympic debut

Oscar Pistorius will make his debut at the Olympics in the 400m heats.

Oscar Pistorius at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Picture: Marc Lewis/EWN

LONDON - Double amputee Oscar Pistorius on Saturday said being able to compete in the Olympics is not about winning a medal, but about reaching a personal goal.

Pistorius will be making his debut at the London Olympics just after 11:30 Saturday morning.

Speaking exclusively to Eyewitness News Sport , Pistorius' coach, Ampie Louw, spoke about the Blade Runner's build up to the Games.

Louw said Pistorius has set a goal to reach the semifinal.

"He knows no medals will be coming his way, but on as a personal goal, he needs to see how far he can actually go in the Olympics.

"He will be giving his best and go all out because this is the big one. It's all or nothing.