Lawyers investigate school closures

27 schools could have their gates shut for good by 2013.

Zonnebloem Senior School is among the 27 schools facing closure in the Western Cape. Picture: Janine Willemans/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A teachers union said on Friday it has instructed lawyers to investigate the laws involved in decommissioning schools pending possible closures in the Western Cape.

A total of 27 schools could have their gates shutdown by 2013 due to poor performance and declining pupil numbers.

Chris Klopper from the South African Teachers Union's (SAOU/SATU) said the consultation process about closures should not just be a once off matter.

"To complete the consultation processes. it must be done correctly. It implies that it cannot be a once off occasion."

He hopes to receive a response from their legal department soon.

"We are busy with the process of consultation with our various structures in the provinces. Our legal department is also going to have a look at the way that various departments of education implement the processes of consultation and what criteria they will utilise."