Leaked report factually flawed - NCC head

NCC head Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi says the independence of the NCT is questionable.

Mamodupi Mohlala. Picture: nccsa.org.za

JOHANNESBURG - A report sent to Trade and Industry Rob Davies by The Consumer Tribunal is factually and legally flawed, National Consumer Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi said on Wednesday.

Eyewitness News has a copy of the document.

It was contained in legal papers before the North Gauteng High Court in an acrimonious dispute between the National Consumer Commission (NCC) and the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT).

On Tuesday, the court set aside the commissioner's application for a review of the NTC's ruling in the Auction Alliance matter.

The report claims that the commission failed to understand the Consumer Protection Act.

It also said the rights of consumers were compromised, among other things.

But Mohlala-Mulaudzi slammed the document.

"The tribunal is giving reasons and judgments to the minister, prior to them being sent to the commission. That in itself goes to the heart of the independence of the tribunal, in relation to the findings that they recommended to the NCC."