'We didn’t know drugs were in our house’

Two people arrested in connection with a massive Mandrax bust, claim they know nothing about the drugs.

Packaged Mandrax tablets, found at a Douglasdale House, ready for distribution. Picture: Matshidiso Madia/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Two people arrested in connection with a massive Mandrax bust claim they know nothing about the drugs or chemicals found in their garage - or what they could be used for.

The couple was released on R150,000 bail on Monday, while three others will apply for their bail on Thursday.

Police swooped on two luxury properties in Bryanston and Douglasdale last week, but the value of the drugs, chemicals and equipment they seized, initially estimated at R100 million, is now being disputed.

The raid came after crime intelligence officers received a tip-off about alleged drug dealing and manufacturing.

The Douglasdale couple said they had no idea how the chemicals got into their garage and plan to plead not guilty.

They have a three-month old baby, who they claim was deeply traumatised by the arrest.

The State did not put up any real fight to oppose bail, but the pair will have to abide by several strict conditions.

They were ordered to report to a police station three times a week and will not be allowed to travel outside of Gauteng.

The Bryanston couple and their domestic worker were not able to make their bid for freedom because their landlord locked-up the luxury home they occupied and evicted them.

That meant they had no fixed address to present to the court, and will now have to find an alternative one.