AgriSA opposes labour law changes

AgriSA says proposed labour law amendments could lead to job losses.

AgriSA says it fears proposed amendments to labour legislation will have a negative impact on the agriculture sector.

CAPE TOWN - While AgriSA supports government's vision of creating jobs on a mega-scale, it fears that proposed labour law amendments will achieve the opposite.

Earlier on Tuesday, it presented its concerns to Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Labour in Cape Town.

The group called for a new Regulatory Impact Assessment to determine how the labour market will be affected, should the legislation be enacted.

AgriSA's Anton Rabe said the focus should be on enforcing current laws, rather than creating new legislation.

He warned that heavier penalties for administrative transgressions may have dire consequences.

"We don't believe that will be in the best interest of labour and definitely not the country at large."

AgriSA is also concerned that changes may lead to a proliferation of trade unions.

According to a quarterly report, the agriculture sector helped create jobs in the Western Cape during the first four months of 2012.