Two drug bust suspects get bail

The couple implicated in a drugs bust arrest in Johannesburg maintain their innocence.

Packaged Mandrax tablets, found at a Douglasdale House, ready for distribution. Picture: Matshidiso Madia/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Two of the people arrested in a massive drug bust in the suburbs of northern Johannesburg were granted bail by the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Last week, police raided two homes in Bryanston and Douglasdale and confiscated what they believed to be R100-million worth of mandrax, chemicals and equipment.

Three of the eight people initially arrested were released by the same court on Friday, while the remaining three will apply for bail later this week.

The couple arrested in Douglasdale was set free, but will have to pay a combined R150,000 in bail.

They were ordered to report to a police station at least three times a week and will not be allowed to leave Gauteng.

The couple claim to know nothing of the chemicals found in their garage, how they got there or what they are used for.

The state did not oppose bail for wife because she has a three-month-old baby.

It also emerged in court that the value of the chemicals that were found at the Douglasdale home is R150,000, not the R1million suggested by the police.