Third Boeremag accused guilty of high treason

Yet another Boeremag member has been found guilty of high treason by a Pretoria court.

Some of the Boeremag accused being led to the holding cells in the North Gauteng High court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN

PRETORIA - Boeremag accused Rooikoos du Plessis has been found guilty of high treason in the North Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Judge Eben Jordaan spent the last week delivering his ruling in the nine-year-long marathon trial.

The 19 suspects face numerous charges including high treason, terrorism and murder.

Like the two convicted before him, Jordaan found that du Plessis played a major role in the coup plot.

Last week, the judge found brothers Mike and Andre du Toit guilty of high treason.

Jordaan told the court du Plessis attended many meetings with the two siblings, and proposed the establishment of a special court where they would deal with traitors.

The Boeremag planned to overthrow the ANC-led government and create a white-only state.

The judge will continue with his ruling when the case resumes on Tuesday.