Cops quell Philippi protest

Sweet Home Farm residents were up in arms on Monday over the need for electricity and housing.

Phillipi protesters damaged traffic lights and fire hydrant on 20 July 2012. Picture: Rafiq Wagiet/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Monday morning's violent protest action in Phillipi, near Cape Town, appears to have been contained.

Sweet Home Farm residents damaged several traffic lights and even a fire hydrant during the protests.

They were demanding electricity and housing.

The streets were littered with the evidence of the service delivery chaos that erupted there.

Burnt tyres and rocks lie strewn across the streets.

It is believed it will take city officials quite some time to clean up the mess before traffic is able to make use of the roads again.

Police appear to have contained the protestors and have also managed to extinguish all the fires.

Protestors refused to back down but law enforcement officers did not retreat, and instead gathered with armoured police to keep a watchful eye for another possible flare up.


Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille pleaded that displeased residents use the correct channels to voice their grievances.

She said destructive, illegal protests are costing the city thousands of rands.

De Lille said protesters must seek out their ward councilors before opting for illegal and destructive behaviour.

She said she is always willing to listen to concerns.