Khayelitsha gangs lash out

Police had their hands full on Sunday night after reports of a gang in Khayelitsha causing havoc.

Police are monitoring parts of Khayelitsha on Monday, after a gang reportedly caused havoc in the area on Sunday night.

CAPE TOWN - Police are monitoring parts of Khayelitsha on Monday, after a gang reportedly caused havoc in the area on Sunday night.

The Cape Times reported on Monday that the gang of around 50 armed youths entered the Greenpoint area in the township, forcing their way into homes in search of rival gang members.

According to the report, some residents fired at the gang, but no-one was wounded.

The gang also apparently threatened to disrupt schools in the area.

The police's November Philander said: "Our police members were called to an area in Khayelitsha after we were informed of a group of young people who were threatening people in a specific block."

Meanwhile, the Elsies River Community Policing Forum (CPF) said the death of a prominent gang leader is likely to spark a fresh outbreak of gang violence.

Joe Julies was gunned down outside a hair salon in Matroosfontein over the weekend.

He is said to be a prominent 28's gang boss.

His murder is the first in the so-called gangland in several weeks; the community now fear revenge attacks.

The CPF's Faizel Abrams said they expect arrests to be made soon.

"We are on full alert with the South African Police Service, they know who the person is who should be held accountable. We're just hoping it won't be a flair-up."

Abrams said there is a sense of uneasiness in the community.

"In certain areas there seems to be a sense of relief, in others there's a sense of uncertainty. Now that this person has been killed, what are the repercussions thereof? Community members are nervous."

Between 30 and 40 lives have been claimed by gang violence in recent months.

Meanwhile, the Hanover Park Crime Policing Forum (CPF) remains optimistic, despite a truce not being signed between gang members in the area.

The CPF organised that gangsters meet and sign a truce last week following violent clashes.

However, police intervened because they did not agree with the process.

The CPF's Anthony Daniels said calm has been restored to the area.

"It's been 10 days and the peace is still holding. There has been no shooting or killing at this point."

He said he has been approached by gangsters seeking forgiveness.

"People can walk freely again. Gangsters have come to me and said they would love to talk and put an end to these shootings."