Appetites lost to Fairland sewege stench

Several houses in Fairland, Johannesburg, have been flooded with raw sewage since Wednesday.

A toilet. Picture: Eyewitness News.

JOHANNESBURG - Residents in Fairland, north of Johannesburg voiced their frustration with Johannesburg Water after several properties in the area were flooded with raw sewage.

A team of workers from the city was called to attend to the overflow on Wednesday, but the problem was still not solved by Sunday morning.

Technicians are still investigating the cause of the sewage floods.

Wendy Erasmus is one of the residents affected by the problem. She told Eyewitness News the stench had made living in her house unbearable.

"The smell is even in the house. You don't feel like eating because all you can smell is sewage."

Residents fear their health will soon be affected.