'Samwu's threats to strike are unfounded'

Pikitup says members of the South African Municipal Workers’ Union misunderstood wage agreements.

Members of the South African Municipal Workers’ Union during a nationwide strike. Picture: Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Waste collection company Pikitup on Friday said threats by the South African Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) to go on strike were unjustified.

The union has demanded Pikitup to release results of a forensic audit which they believe will reveal corruption within the waste removal company.

Samwu further claims that Pikitup management failed to implement last year's agreement to increase the salaries of workers from R3, 000 to R6, 000 a month.

Pikitup acting managing director Lawrence Boya said the report was not yet complete and that workers misunderstood the wage agreements.

"[The agreement] clearly stipulates that the workers that were absorbed were going to be paid R3, 000 per month and that at the beginning of July 2012, we would adjust that salary to be at a minimum of what general workers are paid at Pikitup."

Samwu threatened to go on strike if the salary of its members is not increased.

"We want the forensic audit and for management to respond to the implementation of the [wage] agreement reached. If this is not concluded, we will seriously consider strike action," union spokesperson Tahir Sema said.

He said they would take Pikitup to court if their demands were not met.