'Boeremag trial piecing together'

Mike du Toit was found guilty of high treason in the North Gauteng High Court on Thursday.

Some of the Boeremag accused being led to the holding cells in the North Gauteng High court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN

PRETORIA - Judge Eben Jordaan found on Thursday that all the evidence against accused number one, Mike du Toit fitted together like a puzzle.

Du Toit was found guilty of high treason in the North Gauteng High Court after a marathon nine-year-long trial.

Jordaan now continues with the judgment of the remaining 21 men accused of numerous charged including murder and terrorism.

Jordaan dismissed claims by the accused Mike du Toit, his brother Andre, Rooikoos du Plessis and Dion van den Heever that all of the state witnesses had fabricated their evidence about the meetings at which the coup was planned.

He also rejected claims that two of the accused were "forced" to make admissions late in the trial.

Jordaan said the court could come to no other conclusion other than du Toit was the main player in the plan to over throw the government.

The former teacher and history teacher is the author of 'Document 12' which is the right-wing groups' blueprint for the operation.

The coup conspiracy allegation is not only based in 'Document 12' but in numerous other documents.

'Document 12' was saved on the computer of the first person arrested.

Although the accused claimed to have believed they were involved in a legitimate war against a "racist regime", Jordaan said they could not have believed that civilian targets, such as a Mosque, were legitimate targets.

They denied all the charges at the start of the trial which include forming an organisation and recruiting others to overthrow the existing government and of committing serious, violent crimes in the process.

They also manufactured explosives on a large-scale and caused a series of bomb explosions killing one person and causing damage amounting to millions of rands.

In total 194 witnesses have testified for the state.