'Disabled people still face discrimination'

A local NGO says people with disabilities in South Africa have equality, but only on paper.

An NGO says people with disabilities in South Africa have equality but only on paper.

CAPE TOWN -South Africans living with disabilities only have equality on paper, a non-governmental organisation told Parliament on Wednesday.

The Portfolio Committee on Women, Children and People with Disabilities held public hearings in Cape Town.

The panel wants to establish if the United Nations (UN) convention on the rights of people with disabilities is being properly implemented in South Africa.

Rihanna Mohamad runs a KwaZulu-Natal NGO for the physically disabled.

She recounted the harrowing story of a case involving a 15-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

The child was eight months pregnant and was kept in a locked room by her parents.

As soon as the NGO heard about the case, they organised for her immediate removal.

But Mohamad said it took over a week for the child to be moved to a place of safety after various institutions refused to accommodate her.

She said legislation is excellent, but in reality, South Africa has a long way to go.