Nu Metro prepares for Batman movie

Nu Metro is reinforcing its standard security procedures following the Batman massacre.

People lay candles following the Colorado movie theatre massacre. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - Nu Metro on Wednesday announced that it was reinforcing security in its cinemas nationwide following the Colorado theatre massacre.

At least 12 people died when a 24-year-old gunman opened fire in a Denver cinema during the premier of the new Batman movie.

The incident took place last week.

James Eagan Holmes was later arrested in connection with the crime.

He appeared in court on Monday and will be formally charged next week.

United States President Barack Obama and many Hollywood stars have slammed the incident and promised justice.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in South African theatres on Friday.

Nu Metro's Mark Harris said, "We've just reinforced our standard security procedure of staff at cinemas around the country.

"We're not going to have increased security and we won't be doing back searches."