Fedhasa opposes stricter labour laws

Proposed labour law amendments could destroy jobs rather than create them.

Fedhasa has warned that proposed labour legislation will destroy jobs rather than create them. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Proposed labour law amendments could destroy jobs rather than create them, the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (Fedhasa) warned on Tuesday.

Both the Basic Conditions of Employment and the Labour Relations Amendment Bills are under scrutiny before Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Labour in Cape Town.

Fedhasa, which represents the business interests of the industry, presented its concerns during public hearings on Tuesday.

The association's Dianne Robinson said the proposed changes place restrictions on flexible labour conditions.

If passed, the proposed amendments could see some employees being entitled to permanent employment after six months.

Workers could also get benefits like medical aid and pension, resulting in massive cost implications.

Robinson said the hospitality industry would be adversely affected as it relies heavily on part-time employees like students.

On Monday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said the amendments would destroy job creation.

The opposition party called for a new regulatory impact assessment to determine the effect of current proposals on the job market.

However, the DA did call for better regulation of temporary employment.