Judgment in Boeremag trial underway

A Boeremag plot to oust Govt. and chase black people out of the country is being heard in court.

The old South African flag. Picture: Eyewitness News

PRETORIA - Details of the Boeremag's plot to overthrow the African National Congress (ANC) government and chase black people out of the country was heard in the North Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Judgment in the nine-year-long trial is expected to take at least three weeks to complete.

The 20 suspects, arrested a decade ago, face numerous charges including high treason and terrorism.

The right-wing group with white separatist aims is also accused of one count of murder and another of attempted murder.

The Boeremag's plot to sew panic and overthrow the government was set out in a five-phase plan.

In his summary of findings, Judge Eben Jordaan, read testimony of how the accused planned to use military vehicles to destroy townships.

As black people fled the violence, Jordaan said the Boeremag would place food along the routes out of South Africa to encourage them to leave.

The accused would amass weapons, secure military bases, key facilities and cities.

Jordaan said once black people had been chased out of the country, the Boeremag intended establishing a new, whites only government.

The criminal trial is the longest of its kind in South Africa.

The Boeremag accused are:

Mike du Toit, his brother André du Toit, Rooikoos du Plessis, Adriaan van Wyk, Herman Scheepers (dead), Deon van den Heever, Giel Burger, Jacques Olivier, Pieter van Deventer, Fritz Naude, Tom Vorster, Dirk Hanekom, Lets Pretorius, Frik Boltman (dead), Jurie Vermeulen, Vis Visagie, Herman van Rooyen, brothers Johan, Kobus and Wilhelm Pretorius, Rudi Gouws and Jacques Jordaan.