Army deployment working - Metrorail

The deployment of army reservists to Metrorail stations is keeping criminals at bay.

Metrorail says the deployment of army reservists to its stations has helped keep criminals at bay.

CAPE TOWN - Metrorail said the deployment of army reservists to its stations was keeping criminals at bay.

The rail company said there has been a 14 percent drop in theft and vandalism over the last three months.

It is also engaging in talks with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to train an additional 500 security officials to patrol various platforms.

Metrorail's Mthuthuzeli Swartz said they wanted all their stations to be safe.

"We're very serious about making sure that we curb incidents of crime and vandalism - both on the trains and also to protect out assets."

Swartz said other new security initiatives are also on the cards.

"We've got very good plans on the table to make sure that we improve the current level of safety and security. We are collaborating with the city of Cape Town, to also increase the surveillance at various stations."

Transport MEC Robin Carlisle said it was high time Metrorail beefed up its security.

"The much better calibre of security guard could make a real difference. It could prevent destruction of their assets and protect commuters."