Goodman Gallery opens Geers exhibition

The new show by artist Kendell Geers includes a response to Brett Murray's 'Spear' painting.

The new exhibition features work by local artist Kendell Geers.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg's Goodman Gallery opened its first exhibition since the controversy surrounding its previous show, which contained Brett Murray's painting, 'The Spear'.

The new exhibition, which opened on Thursday night, features work by local artist Kendell Geers, who said he wanted to defend the freedom of expression.

Geers does not have any illusions about what he is trying to do.

"Let's be frank, I am not a politician, I am an artist."

Geers pulled two bronzed penises from his archive which he said were cast from his own form.

They were accompanied by an essay by the artist titled 'Much ado about nothing' which suggests South Africans should respect their body parts and each other.

"I don't want to create scandal, but I never shy from a good debate and I'm certainly facing up to my ethical position as an artist coming after Brett at the same gallery."

He has also smeared a black and red mural on one wall, a comment on the vandalism that befell 'The Spear'.