Homeless struggle to keep warm

Homeless people in the CBD said they battling to survive the severe cold.

Homeless people sleeping outside a shop in the Joburg CBD. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Some of the homeless in the Johannesburg CBD described to Eyewitness News how they battling to survive the severe cold weather.

Although many have lived on the city's streets for years, they said no box or blanket could have been enough to keep warm during the past weekend which was declared as the coldest one this year.

While many CBD residents woke up in warm beds and heated homes on Tuesday, some opened their eyes to the cold streets.

Be it winter or not - that is the only life scores of people in the city know.

One homeless man said the past few days of cold weather had been harder than most.

He said the fires they made helped to keep them warm.