SAPS exonerate ‘unethical’ journos

The SAPS could not find any proof that journalists from the Sunday Times were paid to write stories.

Former Crime Intelligence Head Richard Mdluli. Picture: SAPA

JOHANNESBURG - The _Sunday Times _newspaper on Monday said its award winning reporters had been exonerated after police failed to provide evidence that any of them received payments to write stories favouring top government officials.

Earlier this year, a police report relating to an investigation into former crime intelligence head Richard Mdluli revealed claims that money was paid to journalists.

Mdluli was accused of abusing state funds, nepotism and a decade old murder.

He was suspended again in May and stripped of all his powers as a policeman by a High Court.

The _Sunday Times _reporters made several requests to the South African Police Service (SAPS) under the Access to Information Act for evidence of any such payments.

Police responded and said no record or proof of any records existed.

Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley said "It's not a question of 'I couldn't find the records' or that the records are missing. There are no records, and there's no proof of any such records having existed.

"I'm very, very confident that our reporters are totally exonerated."