Severe weather affects schooling

At least 130 school children were unable to get to school due to severe weather.

Trucks stranded in the Karoo following heavy snowfall. Picture: Allan Jansen/iWitness

CAPE TOWN - Severe weather conditions in the Karoo and Eden District Municipality had little impact on schooling, the Western Cape Education Department said on Tuesday.

The area saw heavy snows this weekend which left several farms cut off and dozens of people stranded.

Earlier, there were reports of absenteeism after four schools were affected by poor weather.

But Education MEC Donald Grant said things have returned to normal at many of the schools.

"Approximately 130 learners were unable to get to school."

In the Karoo, nine people were rescued after they were snowed in.

In the Southern Cape, people drowned when their 4x4 was swept off a bridge.

Disaster Management officials are still assisting affected communities.