IPID investigates Evaton hostage

The IPID said it was probing events that led to the death of a hostage taker in Evaton, Johannesburg.

Police on the scene of a hostage situation in Evaton, south of Johannesburg. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) on Saturday said it was probing events that led to the shooting of a man who held his girlfriend hostage in Evaton, south of Johannesburg.

Police snipers opened fire following failed attempts to negotiate with the man who allegedly shot and wounded his lover's sister before taking his girlfriend captive in his car on Friday.

The man was shot in the car which he held his girlfriend hostage in while it was parked inside the yard of an Evaton house.

Police spokesperson Dennis Adriao on Friday said the police force's special task team believed the hostage's life was in danger after three hours of negotiating. He said police felt their only option was to shoot the man.

The hostage was not physically harmed.

Spokesperson for the IPID, Moses Dlamini, said the scene had been cleared by the time investigators from the directorate arrived - but said investigations into the episode would continue.

Police believe that events which led to the hostage started in Vereeniging, where the suspect shot his lover's brother in the leg.

Details are still sketchy, but Evaton police have launched an investigation into the hostage incident and shootings.

The IPID aims to ensure independent oversight over the South African and municipal police services and to independently investigate crimes allegedly committed by police officers.