Organised group behind foreign attacks in CPT?

Foreign-shop owners in Mitchells Plain say attacks on their businesses were carried out by organised groups.

A Somali national stands outside his shop after it was petrol bombed in Mitchells Plain. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A group of foreign-shop owners in Mitchells Plain say they suspect attacks on their businesses are carried out by an organised group of individuals.

Four businesses owned by Somali, Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationals were petrol bombed in Beacon Valley on Tuesday.

The motive for the attacks is still being probed by police.

On Thursday, community members reacted with anger to the incident, describing those behind the acts as selfish and narrow-minded.

One business owner says he was worried.

"If it was just the Somali shop, it would have been another thing, but now it's the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Somali shops, all at one time. There was no warning, and the shop owners didn't have any conflict with the community. We were serving the community in a very nice way."

Another business owner says the attacks are too well-planned to be the work of only one man.

He says "it's as though an organisation is running this thing."