CPT spaza shop attacks spread

After foreign-owned shops were attacked in Valhalla Park, a similar incident has occurred in Mitchell’s Plein.

A Valhalla Park tuck shop. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - After several foreign-owned shops were looted and torched in Valhalla Park earlier this week, reports of similar, allegedly xenophobic, incidents in Mitchell's Plain have come to light.

Four shops owned by foreign-nationals were petrol bombed in Beacon Valley on Wednesday night.

The _spaza _shops - owned by Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Somali nationals - are all on the same street.

It is understood occupants of a vehicle lobbed petrol bombs at the outlets and fled the scene.

Curious residents stood near some of the shops that were petrol bombed when Eyewitness News visited the area.

One man said he came out of his house when he heard people calling for help to put out the blaze.

He said he was not sure how the fire started.


Meanwhile, the Somali Crisis Group said discussions with shop-keepers who fled violence in Valhalla Park would continue on Thursday.

Several Somali-owned shops were robbed and razed to the ground, allegedly by gangsters, on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, police vehicles could be seen patrolling the area, while some residents helped themselves to the remaining corrugated iron sheets.

Eyewitness News also saw two men carry a fridge taken from one of the structures.

One resident said the attacks were unnecessary.

"Those people are looking for protection money, that's why they're doing this to the Somalians. Why don't they go and look for work?"

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that at least four foreign-owned shops were petrol bombed in Mitchell's Plain on Wedneday night.

The devices were thrown from a car that sped away from the scene.