Serb 'assassin' to remain behind bars

Serb will remain behind bars for the next month and a bit.

A file photo taken 04 September 2006 shows Dobrosav Gavric (2ndL) and associates walking to the court in Belgrade. Picture: AFP

Dobrosav Gavric appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Thursday.

He fled Serbia to avoid a lengthy jail term for the murders of three people, including a suspected warlord. He was sentenced to 35-years in jail.

Gavric entered South Africa using a fake name, Sasa Kovacevic in 2007.

He stood motionless in the dock, his eyes fixed on the magistrate.

Proceedings to have him extradited were meant to get underway earlier, but the appeals board is still busy reviewing Home Affairs' decision not to grant Gavric political asylum.

His lawyers said it was merely a waiting game.

Gavric faces several charges, including fraud and the possession of drugs.

He was arrested in December after he was found in possession of cocaine.

He is also linked to the underworld as he was the driving the vehicle in which Cyril Beeka was shot and killed in 2011. Gavric was injured in the shooting.

The case continues on 30 August.