FIRST ON EWN: Hope for Boucher

Doctors are hopeful following Mark Boucher’s examination on his injured eye.

Mark Boucher. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Proteas wicketkeeper Mark Boucher's eye injury is as serious as initially feared.

Boucher had his left eye examined by an opthamologist on Thursday.

He was hit in the left eye with a bail in the Proteas warmup match against Somerset on Monday.

Head of Cricket South Africa Medical Committee Dr Shuaib Manjra admitted that the damage is indeed severe.

"It is as severe as initially thought, there is no doubt about that and there is universal consensus about the seriousness of his injury."

But, he said they were cautiously optimistic.

"It was more positive than we had expected. We are all aware that Mark sustained a very serious injury. But we have hope."

Manjra said they will be monitoring the situation very closely.

"The signs are positive in the context of a very serious injury."

Boucher has since announced his retirement from international cricket, following the injury.