COPE MP says he wasn't drunk on plane

COPE's Dirk Feldman denies claims he tried to open an emergency door on an SAA flight to India.

South African Airways plane. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Congress of the People (COPE) member of Parliament Dirk Feldman has denied allegations that he was drunk and tried to open an emergency door while on board an SAA flight to India.

He was on an official visit with other parliamentarians, but was sent packing by his seniors following the alleged incident.

Feldman arrived back in the country on Wednesday.

Feldman declined to go on the record with Eyewitness News , referring all queries to COPE's Dennis Bloem.

Bloem said he spoke to Feldman on the phone briefly after he landed. He said the MP admitted he only had a verbal altercation with an air hostess.

"Mr Feldman told me nothing else happened and that the incident occurred far from a window or a door. It ended there and there was nothing serious about jumping out of the airplane."

The party has asked Feldman for a written report.

It is also still awaiting a formal report from Parliament's presiding officers, before it will decide on Feldman's fate.