ASA investigates church billboard

A string of complaints arose after a church billboard claimed Jesus could cure homosexuality.

A billboard in Pretoria East promoting the Light of the Nations Church. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A Pretoria church has been given five days to respond to complaints about its controversial billboard advert which allegedly claims that Jesus can cure homosexuality.

The billboard has led to a string of complaints which the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The Light of the Nations Church vehemently denied it set out to offend anyone and has reportedly offered to amend the advert.

The billboard shows a man with a perfect six-pack ripping open his shirt to release words like "sex", "divorce", "lies" and "depression".

It is the word "homosexuality" that angered some rights groups and residents.

The advert suggests that Jesus can set anyone free from these ills.

"We find it's a very mean and small-minded interpretation of Christianity," said Out's Dawie Nel.

The ASA said its investigation is at an early stage, but could end with the church being ordered to take down the advert.