Hanover Park pastor thanks Zille

A Hanover Park pastor supports Helen Zille's call for soldiers to be deployed to gang-ridden communities.

Pupils from St George Primary in Lavender Hill are sent home because of gang violence. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Hanover Park pastor on Monday thanked Western Cape Premier Helen Zille for asking President Jacob Zuma to deploy soldiers to the gang-ridden community.

Lavender Hill and Gugulethu are also among the areas affected by the violence.

Between 30 and 40 people have been killed as result of gang violence over the past six months.

Pastor Isaac Rubyn welcomed Zille's decision to write to the president.

"It's very dangerous here - you can't even walk to the shops. The gangs don't have any respect for the community."

Speaking to Eyewitness News , Zille said she expects a response soon.

"I have asked the president to take this call very seriously and I expect him to do so. I hope to hear from him in the next 24 hours."

According to local government officials, gangsterism has now spread to Khayelitsha and Steenberg.

Many school children have been forced to join gangs, while others have been stabbed on their way from school.

The Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations (Codeta) has offered to help police in dealing with gang-related incidents.

Earlier in 2012, Western Cape police called on parents to report their children if they are involved in gang activity.