Hewitt's alleged victims seek closure

Alleged sexual abuse victims of tennis star Bob Hewitt in SA and USA are looking for closure.

Tennis. Picture: sxc.hu

JOHANNESBURG - The attorney representing six of tennis star Bob Hewitt's alleged sexual abuse victims on Friday said they were trying to find closure.

Several women in South Africa and the United States have come forward claiming the former tennis star molested and raped them while he was their coach 30 years ago.

The case is currently before Gauteng's Director of Public Prosecutions who will decide whether to prosecute Hewitt.

The international tennis hall of fame is currently conducting its own investigation and could suspend Hewitt if he is found guilty.

Attorney Peter van Niekerk said he hoped the case will proceed quickly.

"It's obviously been traumatic for them for a long time now and I would imagine that they all need closure on this episode."