Hanover Park residents want army protection

Residents demand that a state of emergency be declared in the gang-ridden area.

Cape Town's specialised gang unit during a raid. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer

CAPE TOWN - Hanover Park residents in Cape Town have demanded that a state of emergency be declared in the gang-ridden area.

The Weekend Argus on Saturday reported that community members want the army to be deployed in the area.

Resident Aysha Davids said she had been told she was second on a gang hit-list after her friend and fellow neighbourhood watch member was murdered.

Soraya Nordien, a mother of three, was allegedly murdered by gang members last week.

"I'm not sacred for myself because I'm a God-fearing person," said Davids.

She said she did however fear for her children, as they could no longer walk freely in the streets.

Davids urged community members to speak out against violence and intimidation in the suburb.

In December 2011, rival gang leaders from Lavender Hill, Hanover Park and Elsies River signed agreements to end violence in their communities.

However, the treaties have since been abandoned.

On Thursday, Western Cape community safety MEC Dan Plato said discussions were underway to draw up new peace agreements between communities and gang leaders.

In the past six weeks, 17 people from Lavender Hill and Hanover Park have been killed as a result of gang violence.

Gang violence has also interrupted school classes in those areas.