Prison remissions complete

The Correctional Services department says the number of criminal re-offenders is low.

Offenders at Leeuwkop Prison. Picture: Taurai Maduna/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Government has now completed the release of prisoners granted remission of sentence by President Jacob Zuma.

Friday marked the last stage of the process, which began three days after Zuma announced the special remissions at a Freedom Day rally in April.

More than 43,000 inmates have been released in the last 10 weeks.

By June, at least 43 had committed more crimes and were sent back to jail.

Correctional Services spokesperson Mahlodi Muofhe said the department condemns every single criminal act although the rate of re-offenders was low.

"We have learnt a bit about those who re-offend. We have tried our utmost to drum it into them to not come back [to prison.]"