Samwu march in Cape Town

Workers want City of Cape Town bosses to appoint them permanently.

Samwu protesters. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - Workers who are part of the City of Cape Town's expanded public workers programme on Thursday called on city bosses to appoint them permanently.

The workers gathered at the Keizersgracht on the outskirts of the central business district in preparation for a march to the civic centre.

The march was organised by the South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu).

Workers arrived in busses from various parts of the city to participate in the march.

They sang revolutionary songs as they prepared to raise their concerns with city officials.

One of the workers complained to Eyewitness News that she was being paid R60 a day, doing work that should be done by permanent staff.

She called on the municipality to employ her on a fulltime basis.

Samwu labelled the expanded public works programme as exploitative of desperate workers.