Rail suicide on the rise

Metrorail has expressed concern over people throwing themselves under trains.

Metrorail is concerned over the increase in rail suicides.

CAPE TOWN - Preliminary reports suggested a growing number of people are choosing to end their lives by walking in front of trains, Metrorail said on Tuesday.

Two people died in separate incidents near the Strand and Tygerberg stations in just over a week.

Metrorail's Mthuthuzeli Swartz said there was a concern about this becoming a trend.

"Whenever an incident like this happens we have to take our drivers for councelling so it is something that is really worrying us at Metrorail in the Western Cape that people are continuously using our trains as a way to commit suicide."

Swartz emphasised the devastating effect the incidents have on their service and their drivers.

"These delays affect the service we are delivering. Some of them go there deliberately to commit suicide which has a knock on effect on the on-time performance as well as train cancellation."