SA on track to meet Millennium Development Goals

Minister Edna Molewa discussed the issue at a briefing about the recent Rio+20 Summit.

Water & Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa. Picture: ANC

CAPE TOWN - Environment Affairs Minister Edna Molewa on Monday said South Africa is on track to meet its Millennium Development Goals.

The issue was discussed at a briefing in Cape Town about the recent Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development.

Molewa said the green economy and reducing carbon emissions are priorities.

Molewa said South Africa will use green economy policies to tackle poverty eradication.

She shrugged off criticism, the Rio summit did not produce any concrete, global agreements.

At last month's conference, countries agreed to form a political forum to strengthen sustainable development and create a viable finance model.

Molewa said the conference delegates had robust debates, but agreement was reached on numerous issues, including marine resources and sustainable fishing stocks