New law might see Goldin killers walk

Convicted killers Nurshad Davids and Jade Wyngaard were previously turned down for parole.

Security fence that surrounds a prison. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The mother of murdered actor Brett Goldin said she hoped two of the men involved in the 2006 murder of her son and designer Richard Bloom will not be granted parole on Wednesday.

Nurshad Davids and Jade Wyngaard have both already been turned down for parole, but a new piece of legislation, the Correctional Matters Amendment Act, has come into effect.

This means offenders can be released after completing just half their sentences.

Denise Goldin said she cannot travel to the parole hearing in Cape Town on Wednesday.

"I'm unable to go and I am just hoping that the parole board who have received all the information will go through it carefully and make an informed decision."

Goldin and Bloom were murdered alongside each other in April 2006, after leaving a party in Camps Bay.

They were hijacked, beaten and shot execution style, with one bullet to the head each.

Bloom was a designer and at the time managed the label Maze, while Goldin was set to move to the United Kingdom.

Bloom and Goldin's bodies were found naked with their socks left on.