Dumped textbooks inspected

The Limpopo Education Dept. is hunting for those responsible for dumping textbooks.

The Democratic Alliance discovers destroyed textbooks in the Limpopo province on 23 June, 2012. Picture: HelenZille/Twitter

LIMPOPO - Samples of school books dumped in a river are now being inspected in a bid to find those responsible, Limpopo Education MEC Dickson Masemola said on Tuesday.

On Sunday, it emerged that hundreds of workbooks for grades eight and nine were dumped instead of being delivered to pupils.

They do not appear to be the same books that were frantically delivered last week Wednesday.

Masemola said authorities will find the culprits behind the dumping of the books.

"The matter is with the police and the officials. We have said that whoever is responsible must be arrested."

The Basic Education Department called the dumping of books "sabotage".

At the weekend, nearly 700 textbooks were found dumped in Limpopo.

The department failed to meet several deadlines to deliver textbooks to all Limpopo schools.

The initial delay was apparently caused by an invalid tender granted to suppliers EduSolutions, which was only cancelled in April.

In May, the North Gauteng High Court ordered the department to deliver textbooks by 15 June.

The case was opened by Section27 after it discovered that a lot of schools in Limpopo did not have textbooks.

The department missed the initial deadline which was extended to 27 June.