Millions affected by natural disaster

At least 330 million Africans have been affected by natural disasters according to Understanding Risk Forum.

Damage due to floods. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Delegates at the Understanding Risk Forum were told that in the past 40 years, Africa had experienced more than 1000 natural disasters.

Monday was the first day of the conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

One of the key issues on the agenda is how governments plan and respond to natural disasters.

During opening comments at the conference, delegates were given insight into the impact of natural disasters in Africa.

They heard how 330 million Africans have been affected by natural disaster in the past 40 years.

Cooperative Governance Minister Richard Baloyi attended the proceedings.

He said South Africa is constantly updating its disaster response strategies.

But the African Development Bank's Ebrima Faal said South Africa was in the minority.

Faal said many African leaders do not consider disaster risk a priority, and there are often no budgets or detail plans for responding to a crisis.