Tax season kicks off

A tax expert says every person who works now has to register at the South African Revenue Service.


CAPE TOWN - A tax expert on Sunday said a recent change in laws now means every person who works has to register at the South African Revenue Service (Sars).

Lamour Penderis said with opening of the tax season 1 July many people would still be confused about who qualifies for tax returns.

He said previous legislation stated that only those who earned a certain amount of money had to pay tax.

"Everybody in this country has to register with Sars. If your income increases over 220,000 then you have to fill in a tax return. If it's under R120,000 you don't have to."

Currently, about five million people are tax payers.

Penderis explained the easiest payment method.

"The easiest is eFilling. The website is actually very self-explanatory. If you're a normal salary earner it will probably take you five minutes to do your tax."

In 2011, Sars surpassed revenue collection target by R2 billion.